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Best College Loans

There are many types of college loans available to students today. Finding out which are the best loans can be a daunting task. The following college loan options can help students determine which is the best college loan for them:

  • Borrow up to your total cost of education.
  • Online application takes just minutes.

Federal College Loans

Stafford College Loans

A Stafford loan is generally the best college loan for most students. It is guaranteed by the federal government and provided either through private lenders or the government directly. These loans are either subsidized or unsubsidized depending on the student’s financial circumstances.

Perkins College Loans

A campus-based federal loan that is funded partially by the college and partially by the federal government. These loans are need-based so check with your school’s financial aid office to determine your eligibility.

PLUS College Loans

These college loans can be taken out by parents to help finance their child’s undergraduate education and are guaranteed by the federal government.

Private College Loans

Private College Loans are not guaranteed or subsidized by the federal government. These loans are offered by a number of private lenders.

Think Student Loans are college loans which allow students to borrow up to the full cost of education up to a $250,000 lifetime aggregate maximum. You can apply online or over the phone in approximately 15 minutes. We encourage students to do all their research before applying for any college loan – finding the best college loan for your particular circumstances takes work, but it can be done.

* Think Financial refers applications to Simple Tuition, a leading student loan comparison site, and is paid a fee for this referral.