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College Loans

As the cost of college increases, more and more students are in need of college loans to help pay their educational expenses. Think Student Loans are available for any student attending an eligible school. These are also called private student loans and are one of the fastest growing methods students use to pay for college. These may also be referred to as college student loans or alternative student loans. Think Financial offers a comprehensive student loan glossary.

  • Borrow up to your total cost of education.
  • Online application takes just minutes.

Some of the advantages Think Financial offers for your college loans are:

  • College loan check sent directly to you or your cosigner1
  • Borrow up to a $250,000 lifetime aggregate maximum
  • No payments while in college2
  • Apply online in minutes
  • Online decisions in less than a minute

Private college loans are offered by a number of lenders nationwide. Think Student Loans can be used for any education expenses including college textbooks, college tuition, room and board and a computer. Unlike many other college loans, Think Student Loans are sent directly to the applicant(s).1 If you have other college loan questions, we encourage you to review our frequently asked questions.

Think College Loans are available at most universities. While paying for college is challenging, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Think easy. Think Student Loans for college financing needs.

1 This loan does not require school certification and the proceeds are disbursed in the form of a check co-payable to the borrower and cosigner (if applicable), mailed directly to the applicant with the stronger credit profile.

2 Interest will continue to accrue while your payments are deferred, and it will be capitalized (added to your principal loan balance) when repayment begins.

* Think Financial refers applications to Simple Tuition, a leading student loan comparison site, and is paid a fee for this referral.